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Help tag a collection of BBC programmes from over 45 years of radio

BBC Research & Development is running an experiment with the BBC's World Service radio archive to demonstrate how to put large media archives online using a combination of algorithms and people. With your help we aim to comprehensively and accurately tag this collection of BBC programmes.

This prototype website includes over 50,000 English-language radio programmes from the BBC World Service radio archive spanning the past 45 years, which have all been categorised by a machine. You can explore the archive, listen to the programmes and help improve it by validating and adding tags.

Some of the audio for programmes is not available to listen to because the BBC does not retain a copy of the programme in its archives or because of rights considerations.

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We've set up this prototype to learn how people navigate around archive content. We therefore need cookies to help us track user behaviour and we've not provided the option to switch these off on this website. We will be looking at anonymised and aggregated data not how you are using the site as an individual. We will only use your email address to inform you about further development of this prototype and to invite your feedback. You can delete your account at any time.

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