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Update (July 2015)

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On This Day

  • Edwin Drake successfully drilled for oil in Titusville, Pennsylvania, resulting in the Pennsylvania oil rush, the first oil boom in the United States.
  • The United Kingdom and Zanzibar went to war, with Zanzibar surrendering less than an hour after the conflict broke out.
  • In two separate attacks, IRA bombs killed 18 British soldiers near Warrenpoint, and British admiral Louis Mountbatten and three others in County Sligo.
  • Dissolution of the Soviet Union: Moldova declared its independence during the aftermath of the failure of the Soviet coup d'├ętat attempt.
  • The Burmese military junta and ethnic armies began three days of violent clashes in the Kokang Special Region.

Audio content relating to events that happened on this day in history, according to Wikipedia.

In the News

  • The Iraqi Armed Forces capture Qayyarah from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.
  • The exoplanet Proxima Centauri b is discovered in the habitable zone around Proxima Centauri , the closest star to the Sun.
  • A magnitude 6.2 earthquake hits central Italy, killing more than 260 people.
  • The Summer Olympics conclude in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  • At least 54 people are killed when a wedding is attacked by a suicide bomber in Gaziantep, southern Turkey.

Audio content relating to news items featured on the front page of Wikipedia today.